Stair Formwork

Stairform is an off-site, pre-fabricated, pre-galvanised steel form, designed and engineered to be an integral part of the building, once the concrete has been poured.Dscaff designs, fabricates and supplies the Stairform complete with the reinforcement bars & permanent handrails.

This method significantly increases the speed of construction and reduces the need for temporary works as well as eliminates the wastage
of material.

Stairform is individually customised to your projects requirements.

  • Up to 18 stairs in single form.
  • Width from 1.0 – 2.4m.
  • Pre positioned handrail brackets installed.
  • A variety of handrail options are available.

Compliance -IBS –Integrated Building Systems

In line with our Governments “Blue Ocean Strategy” to transform our Construction Industry to a sustainable and industrialized sector, our Stairform product has IBS Certificate from CIDB.